Barry Leighton-Jones

London born Barry Leighton-Jones was born in 1932 and by the age of five winning art competitions for his paintings which led to 7 years training at Sidcup and Brighton. During his time there, Leighton-Jones was tutored by the esteemed English artist John Minton, an artist and illustrator at the Royal College of Art.


Leighton-Jones quickly became recognised as an accomplished artist in the art world first in the UK and was soon recognised internationally here in England.

In 1985 he was commissioned by the Kelly Estate to paint the work and life of Emmitt Kelly, who was at the time a famous American clown.


Between 1986 and 1992, he was selected by various licensors to create paintings for the purpose of replicating them, in prints, plates and figurines. The collections included The Wizard Of Oz Collection; Gone With The Wind Collection; The Emmitt Kelly Collection; as well as portraits of Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Dusty Springfield and John Lennon.


Barry Leighton-Jones painted many pieces in his life time. He enjoyed humour, including dark undertones in his paintings which accompanied subjects of innocents and naivety. His works include subjects of clowns, children, ‘weighty ladies’, urchin boys, pub scenes, and social situations. There is so much to see in his magnificent paintings, with his distinctive technique using oils and creating beautiful and comical delights.



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